Who am I? I ask myself this question probably more than any living creature in our solar system (If I said universe maybe I would be overexaggerating)

Heraclitus said: “Panta rhei”, which means — Everything flows. “We cannot step in the same river twice. When you step in the river for the second time — both you and the river are changed”. — This is one of my favourite quotes.

I am constantly changing, just as everyone and everything is. Who I am now, I will not be … well… just now. That is the beauty of life. It gives you a chance to better yourself, to grow.

I am 22 years old — there is so much more ahead of me than behind me (hopefully).


Story about other dimensions we are yet to become conscious of

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  • “You will never understand the importance of that potion,” — I said. “This is not a joke for me.”
  • “Monty be respectful.” — said Louise. “Don’t mind him. Go on, I am listening. Did you drink it at the end?”
  • “Yes.” — I said quietly. “I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.”

Yesterday I woke up to find myself laying in the middle of the forest. I was soaking wet and had a painful migraine. I raised my head and saw slow-moving, heavy grey clouds that were almost unified with the lake. The lake was miserable. Lifeless. Dead.

There was…

Simple guide. Results are 100% guaranteed

I have been on every possible diet you can imagine. From meat diet (eating only meat and carrots for 6 months), over being vegan and vegetarian, to ultimate restriction and calorie counting diets. I did it all. And I am here to share what I learned.

Before I start I also want to point out that everything that I will tell you will not just help you to lose weight but also make you healthy — strengthen and clear your skin, improve your digestion and metabolism, improve your mood and even save you money.

I am not an expert (nutrition…

A dialog between my two selves

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  • “Memories have a habit of returning.” — I said.
  • “Yes”, she replied. “Usually when we need them the least.”

Maybe those are times when we need them most — I thought, but I didn’t say anything. I was standing near my window, watching people passing by. It was cold and wet and it started to get pretty dark. I turned on the lights. Over the street I could see other people’s balconies and windows. Like in the Hitchcock’s movie Rear window. One old woman was standing right across me, frozen, with her eyes fixed at me.

  • “Maybe she isn’t watching…

Social media is holding you back

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I will try to explain what time loop paradox actually is:

It’s when somebody goes back in time with a goal to change something and accidentally just plays a part in creating the present we know today.

Lets say that Oliver’s bedroom window’s view is blocked by a giant tree. He goes back in time to remove the baby tree before it can block his view, rather than cutting down the tree in the present. He goes back in time only to find that there is no tree there. As he walks, confused, back to his time machine, a seed…

I will write 30 articles in 30 days.

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I opened my Medium account 3 days ago and since then I am constantly bombarded with the same sentence:

“If you are consistent you will succeed”.

I feel this is engraved inside my brain. I will not lie — it hurts!

So, here is the plan. I strongly decided that I will try this 30 day challenge and write everything that is happening through the process. After thirty-day period is over I will write an article about my whole journey.

My Goals

1. Get new followers — my goal is 50 new followers (I just started which means my count in this…

Medium is a great platform and I am obsessed!

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I am pretty certain that I have read every article and watched every YouTube video there is about getting started as a writer on Medium. I feel like I know something and I want to share some awesome tips that I collected until now that can be useful for new writers as well as the ones that are here for awhile.

Keep in mind that this is my first writing experience on Medium, which doesn’t mean that this is my first experience in writing overall (in fact I love writing and have been writing for years).

#1 About Earning Money on Medium

I am writing this…

It is easy and you can do it

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There are several major points that productive and successful people follow in order to be on top of the game. I want you to imagine your productivity as a building. You will need a good foundation, great structure, and a unique design.


This category is filled with questions and answers that always need to be present in your subconscious mind. These questions are asked by you and answered by you. These are your beliefs. What do you believe in? Why you do things you do? There are no wrong questions and there are no wrong answers.

I believe in self-discipline…

How to become a writer and what to write for us!

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What we Publish

The answer is — everything! You can write whatever is most suitable for you, whatever inspires you. (example: Personal Development, Personal Growth, Success, Tech, Relationships, Adventures, Travelling, Mindfulness, Meditation, Fiction, Storytelling …)

Writing Guidelines

Quality is key. We recommend all writers to familiarize themselves with Medium’s Distribution Standards to learn the best way to ensure your writing is of a high enough quality to reach audiences.


If English is not your first language, we strongly recommend using a grammar and spellcheck tool like Grammarly — it’s free and can be helpful even to professional writers.


All stories must have a cover image…

Lena Lojanica

I think best when I write

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