Who am I? I ask myself this question probably more than any living creature in our solar system (If I said universe maybe I would be overexaggerating)

Story about other dimensions we are yet to become conscious of

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  • “You will never understand the importance of that potion,” — I said. “This is not a joke for me.”
  • “Monty be respectful.” — said Louise. “Don’t mind him. Go on, I am listening. Did you drink it at the end?”
  • “Yes.” — I said quietly. …

Simple guide. Results are 100% guaranteed

A dialog between my two selves

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  • “Memories have a habit of returning.” — I said.
  • “Yes”, she replied. “Usually when we need them the least.”

Social media is holding you back

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I will write 30 articles in 30 days.

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“If you are consistent you will succeed”.

Medium is a great platform and I am obsessed!

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It is easy and you can do it

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How to become a writer and what to write for us!

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What we Publish

Writing Guidelines

Lena Lojanica

I think best when I write

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